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Terms and Conditions of Jain matrimony

Jain matrimony is designed for unmarried people to look and search for their desirable life partner and to tie a knot with a person of your own choice with whom you can live your life happily. To avail its services first you have to become its registered member which is free of cost by this you can start your searching then you have to pay the amount for getting the contact information. You have to find and verify on your own the facts written by the other users because we will only provide the information written by the other users.

Anyone who wants to be a member of this online matrimony website and to receive its services are bound to follow the terms and conditions written below and if you do not agree then you cannot get registered here. By doing registration on this website shows that you have read the terms and conditions carefully and your sincere acceptance and approval of the terms and conditions. Therefore, I request you to go through all the points of the terms and conditions carefully.

  • Eligibility:

Age: female, age should be 18 years or above and male age should be 21 years or above.

Intention: your intention should only be about marriage and not for any timely fun dating.

Competency: you must be legally competent to enter into matrimony i.e. if you are forbidden by any lawful authority then your membership would be void. By using this site, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, consent, and legal capacity to enter into this alliance and that you are not prohibited or prevented by any applicable law for the time being in force or any order or decree or injunction from any court, tribunal or any such competent lawful authority restraining you from entering you in matrimony. If anytime, Jainmatrimony finds you or believe that you are ineligible to be a member of this website then immediately your service would be discontinued no refund of money and you would not be allowed to use this website further. Jainmatrimony will not reimburse to you for any unutilized fee to finding you incompetent to be a member of this website. Jainmatrimony reserves the right of modifying its rules and regulation, anytime to make it more effective.

  •  Membership: membership is only reserved for a person who is:
  1. A person belonging to Indian nationality.
  2. A person who is Non-resident Indians.
  3. Person of Indian origin.
  4. A person who wants to marry a person of Indian origin.

Registration: To become a member, first you have to do registration by filling your true and correct details on the online form. We believe that you will give right and absolutely true information as Jain matrimony will in no way verify your information. This is a platform where you will get a chance to see many profiles and we will also advertise your profile so that you can get more interests and matches. While doing registration, you should give your email address and mobile number correct and after completing the registration process, you can see many profiles, but you would not be able to see the contact detail of any person, only after becoming a paid member then only you can see the contact information. If you want to set choices like a person of a certain age, education, job so that you get only those profiles as per your choices, then Jain matrimony is not bound to give you any certain number of profiles if it is not available to us. The same thing applies for the divorced or widow that we are not bound to give any definite number of profiles which are not available to us. Jainmatrimony does not allow multiple profiles of the same individual. One individual has the right to make only a profile for oneself only.

  • Verification: Jainmatrimony occupies the right, in its sole discretion, to verify and continuously check the activity and status of each account and block the account of a member based on such verification.
  • Not for business purpose: Jainmatrimony is only for the registered individuals who intend to wed and not for any business or commercial purpose. If Jainmatrimony finds that its services are used for any kind of business, then it would be considered as a breach of rules and Jainmatrimony has the right to take proper legal action against the offender. A term of membership depends on the type of membership undertaken. 
  • Approval: You hereby give approval to Jainmatrimony and its online registered members to send you email, messages, and calls from the day of your registration.
  • Information should be accurate: You confirm that the photos which you have placed while making your account are accurate and it is pertaining to the same person or individual on whose name account has been created, i.e. the photos and account holder is the same person and if anytime it is found inaccurate then Jainmatrimony has the right to seize your account and suspend further services without refund of money.
  • Members must maintain dignity: You confirm that you will not abuse or harass any other member and you cannot misuse other individuals’ information. Otherwise, Jainmatrimony can take any consequential step to protect its other member.
  • Disclaimer: Jainmatrimony disclaims any liability or responsibility for any disputes, transactions, and interactions between the members.
  • No warranty: Jainmatrimony does not give a guarantee of marriage or alliance and does not give a warranty of defining a number of profiles according to your partner preferences.

Jainmatirmony expects that its member will take due care before finalizing marriage because we only give information, but it is up to you to verify the authenticity of the facts shared by the other individual.

All the members should share their recent within two month’s photographs on their account. All the members are warned not to share any offensive or disrespectful contents in their account and cannot advertise your personal goods and services of your business otherwise your membership would be terminated without refund of your fees. If anyone is found to be guilty of sharing any disgraceful or provoking comment on any community, religion or caste then Jainmatrimony has the right to suspend its account without refunding fee moreover, Jainmatrimony can take any legal action on that person.

If your marriage got finalized before your membership term ends, then there will be no refund or reimbursement to you for money and also if it is fixed by some other source then also there would be no refunding of money.

If you want to terminate your membership then you have to submit a written letter for this because it would not be done on any verbal information.

 Jain Matrimony will modify and bring necessary changes in terms and conditions to make it more serviceable, operative and to add more efficiency from time to time.

Jain Matrimony firmly believes that you have read all the terms and conditions circumspectly and hereby declare that you agree to all terms and conditions and have no problem at any point. 

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